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"Simplicity is complexity resolved"

- Constantin Brancusi

A Product Designer with a background in architecture, I am great at empathizing with the user and balancing their needs with business goals to create exceptional experiences.


What people are saying


David’s contributions as the lead designer were invaluable. His understanding of design thinking combined with his architectural training is evident, bringing critical thinking, technical proficiency, creativity, and attention to detail to every project.

In addition, his positive attitude and calm, friendly demeanor made him the perfect teammate. David brings great value to any project, and I wholeheartedly endorse him without any hesitation.

-Sari Sapon, my manager at Verizon, 2024



What sets David apart is his ability to lead and manage projects through multi-disciplined eyes.

Along with his professionalism, David has a great personality and is a joy to work with.

-Janelle Plummer, teammate at WeWork, 2020



Meeting with David was an amazing experience. If you want to meet with a mentor that is insightful, helpful, and supportive...David is the guy!

-Paula Ulerio, ADPlist mentee, 2024


What sets me apart?

I am resilient.

Switching professions to UX design after over a decade in architecture was a tough choice. It took discipline, bravery, and trust in the unknown.

Looking back, I appreciate how this transition made me realize how resilient and adaptable I can be.

Unique background = unique approach.

Sixteen years of experience in the creative industry as an Architect and a UX Designer has allowed me to develop strong critical thinking skills and a unique approach to problem solving.

This fresh perspective directly translates to unique ideas and, in turn, unique solutions.

I am a connector.

My passion for connecting and helping people is evidenced through my deep involvement as a mentor for as well as the creation of my YouTube channel, Invisible UX.

This translates directly into wanting connect people inside and outside my team and align to a common goal - the success of the project.

Design Philosophy


I consider effects of design decisions on people outside the user group as well as within it.

How does a decision affect non-customers, society, and the world? What are the short term and long term impacts of the decision?



I empathize with user expectations and pain points, then develop designs which create an intuitive and simple experience.


Completing even the most mundane tasks shouldn’t have to be boring. I thrive on creating designs that make experiences delightful.

When I'm not designing

In the rare situation where I'm not designing something, I can be found running a fairly long distance (I have finished four marathons), taking photographs (it's tough to find me without my DSLR), or exploring tropical jungles on motorbike.

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